Rights & duties

Members of the Association have equal rights and obligations.

Member of the Association is entitled to:

  • participate in the Association’s activities;
  • participate in the work of the Congress;
  • participate in the General Meeting of the Regional Department;
  • submit proposals on improving the activities of the Association to all its bodies;
  • file applications to any elected body of the Association and obtain a substantive response to the application;
  • participate in the sessions of the bodies dealing with his exclusion from the Association members;
  • withdraw from the Association;
  • elect and be elected to the governing and controlling and auditing bodies of the Association.

Member of the Association shall:

  • meet the requirements stipulated in the Charter and carry out he decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;
  • participate directly in fulfilling aims and objectives of the Association;
  • avoid actions discrediting the Association;
  • pay joining and annual membership fee in the manner and amount specified by the decisions of the competent bodies.