II Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Democratic Law-making


The II OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting entitled “Democratic Law-making: Ensuring Participation” took place online on April 26-27, 2021. The representatives of the Association of Lawyers of Russia (ALRF) participated in the discussions and shared certain recommendations for international community and civil society.

In the framework of the working session «Recent Challenges and Opportunities of Law-making» First Deputy CEO — Chief of Staff of the ALRF Anastasia Miliutina noted the experience of using digital technologies in the Association’s projects, including providing free legal assistance, public examination of draft laws, and stressed the importance of respecting international recommendations in the sphere of information law, as well as countering the use of Internet platforms for disseminating illegal content and distorted information.

During the working session “Public Participation and the Digital Space” Head of Department for International Development of the ALRF Cha Mi Vu described how to ensure cooperation between state authorities and civil society in the context of inclusive participation in law-making, using the ALRF activities. She also stressed the need to create mechanisms stimulating participation of national, linguistic and other minorities in law-making procedures.