International activity

The Association of Lawyers of Russia actively cooperates with international legal organisations, working in parallel on implementing international legal knowledge among the employees of state authorities, notaries, attorneys, and lawyers. The international activities are also conducted by the Commission on International Law and the Commission on International Cooperation.

In accordance to the Charter, the main objectives of the Association’s international activity are the following:

  • facilitating the formation of legal state in the Russian Federation;
  • promoting peace, friendship, trust and understanding between peoples, consolidation with regional and international organisations of the legal community;
  • involving the international legal community to participate in legal, humanitarian and other projects and programs in Russia;
  • promoting protection of rights and legitimate interests of Russian citizens and compatriots living abroad.

Basic forms of international activity of the Association:

  • holding congresses, conferences, forums, seminars, roundtables, discussions, readings with the participation of foreign legal professionals;
  • participating in conferences, seminars, roundtables, discussions hosted by international associations of lawyers and other foreign law organisations;
  • organising visits of the members of the Association and regional departments to other States in order to learn from and exchange experience on the functioning of structural elements of the legal systems of foreign countries and international organisations.