ALRF informed Dmitry Medvedev about outcomes of the IV BRICS Legal Forum


ALRF informed Dmitry Medvedev about outcomes of the IV BRICS Legal Forum

In the letter to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev dated 14 December 2017, the Association of Lawyers of Russia outlined the key objectives of the legal communities of the BRICS countries.

The letter read that the Forum had resulted in establishing working groups aimed at strengthening economic relationship between the BRICS countries and elaborating common approaches in terms of regulation of the digital economy. It was decided to create the working group on development of legal framework for digital economy, governance and regulation of innovation in artificial intelligence and Internet of things.

The letter included the key areas of cooperation set by the final Declaration of the Forum. It is thereby planned to establish the working group on development and harmonisation of tax laws in BRICS, drafting committee for harmonisation and development of common institutional rules of arbitration centers. A working group on study and harmonisation of business and contract laws will also be created.

To form each working group, three representatives from each Member Organisation will be nominated from among distinguished national experts and practitioners, who will meet before the next Forum.

The Russian Prime Minister was further told that more than 1500 participants had attended the Forum, including more than 100 delegates from the BRICS countries. Within the two days of the Forum were hold six thematic sessions with more than 80 attendees spoke.

The V Anniversary BRICS Legal Forum takes place in 2018 in South Africa.