Protection of the rights of compatriots discussed at YurVolga 2020


The YurVolga-2020 Youth Legal Congress started in Ulyanovsk on 3 September.

The main topic of the morning session was the protection of the rights of compatriots living abroad. The Association of Lawyers of Russia (ALRF) was represented by the Head of Department for International Development Cha Mi Vu, who co-moderated the session with the First Secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Department for Compatriots Living Abroad Pavel Volchikhin. The session was also attended by Senior Adviser of the Foundation for Support and Protection of Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad Dmitry Fedotov, Director of Tallinn Information Centre for Human Rights Alexey Semenov and Head of the Lithuanian Center for Research and Protection of Basic Rights of Compatriots Maria Salamakhina.

«We have long and fruitful cooperation with the Association of Lawyers of Russia in various areas. Challenges related to violation and protection of the rights of compatriots living abroad today is an acute topic . I am sure that the discussion in the framework of the Congress will be useful for its major audience – young lawyers,» Pavel Volchikhin said.

Dmitry Fedotov spoke about the work of the Foundation for the Support and Protection of the Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad. Now Foundation’s branch offices are already operating in 18 countries of the near abroad and Europe. The speaker paid special attention to the work with young people, given the age of the majority of the congress audience, in particular, summer law schools etc.

«Holding events dedicated to this issue on youth platforms is one of the points of the Comprehensive Plan of the Main Measures for Implementing State Policy of the Russian Federation on Compatriots Living Abroad, for which the Association of Lawyers of Russia acts as a co-executor,» Cha Mi Vu stressed.