Commissions are created in purposes of performing ALRF tasks in certain spheres (branches) of legal activity and perform rulemaking, expert, analytical, consulting, researching and communicating functions in accordance with the subject of their activities.


  • submitting proposals on the plan of activities to the Board of the Association;
  • preparation of materials for consideration at Presidium sessions and Board meetings;
  • execution of the Presidium orders;
  • cooperation with committees of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, departments of the Executive Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, structures of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, relevant Federal Executive authorities;
  • reporting on the results of theirs activities to the governing bodies of the Association.

Commission on International Cooperation

Commission on International Cooperation aims at stimulating and improving effectiveness of the international cooperation and coordination of projects realised within international programs and Russian participation in international organisations, as well as bilateral treaties between the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

Evgeniy Budyakov


Member of the Presidium






Commission on Legal Framework of Modern Integration Processes of the Russian Federation

Commission on legal issues of modern integration processes of the Russian Federation:

  • analyses current integration processes of the Russian Federation;
  • develops recommendations regarding participation of the Russian Federation in international organisations and economic associations;
  • holds events on current challenges in the sphere of global integration processes;
  • participates in events on the matters of integration processes of the Russian Federation and Russian participation in international organisations and institutions (BRICS Legal Forum etc.)

Alexey Klishin


Member of the Presidium







Cha Mi Vu

Executive Secretary of the Commission;

Head of Department for International Development

ALRF Executive Office