BRICS lawyers discussed mediation


On July 23, 2020, BRICS legal communities held a videoconference to discuss mediation.
The meeting was attended by Chairman of the ALRF Commission on Mediation Georgy Ilin, Head of the Center for Legal Innovations and Conciliation Procedures of the Voronezh State University, professor, mediator Elena Nosyreva, Vice-Chairman of the Mediators Panel at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, mediator Dmitry Davydenko, Chairman of the Association of Professional Mediators of the Russian Federation in Perm, mediator Yulia Yakovleva and other members of the Commission. The event was moderated by Head of the Department for International Development of the ALRF Cha Mi Vu.
Georgy Ilin started the meeting with a welcoming speech stressing the importance of cooperation between the mediators of the BRICS legal communities to improve the mechanism of alternative settlement of cross-border disputes.
Among the members of the videoconference there were also representatives of the BRICS countries: Secretary General of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association Bruno Barata, President Elect of the Bar Association of India Amarjit Chandhiok, President of the Bar Association of India Prashant Kumar, Head of Public Relations of the Shanghai International Arbitration Center Lijun Du, Chairman of the Mediation Division of Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA) Duncan Turner and other mediators.
The participants discussed the prospects for cooperation in the sphere of mediation and the creation of a specialised working group within the BRICS Legal Forum.
In addition, the mediators shared their experience of legal regulation of
mediation at the national level.